Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm busy....

....but I'm blogging. Go figure.

I am feeling frazzled at work right now, so I am taking a moment. It's been a crazy day.

Yesterday evening I dropped an ice cube tray that was full of frozen avacado and banana cubes. I picked up all the pieces, or what I thought was all the pieces, and threw them away (no five-second rule for baby food). Then last night I encountered two little melted piles of green mush. Then this morning I opened the laundry room door (which is right off the kitchen) and slipped in another little pile of green mush, falling and brusing my pride, terribly. Bubba was amused and thought it was playtime since I was down on the floor, so he hurried over and dropped a big elbow on my stomach. Ooof.

In more Bubba news, he found a single serving baggie of cookies in his diaper bag this morning, and he promptly threw it on the floor and hit it with a toy golf club until it exploded. He then tried to eat as many cookie pieces as he could before I could get there from the kitchen. It's a small apartment, but by the time I reached him he had his chubby little cheeks stuffed full of cookie and was trying to scurry away.

While I was showering this morning he apparently decided he wanted to join me so he clambered into the tub (a new skill for him, or at least one that he has not shown me yet), fully clothed. I was mid-shampoo when he started climbing, and in my haste to keep him from killing himself by falling into or out of the tub I got shampoo in my eyes. So my eyes were watering and I couldn't open one of them all the way, and I am trying to catch him while attempting to to rinse my hands and get the soap out of my eyes. He made it into the tub and got soaking wet, then he slipped and fell down and had to be comforted. By that point I needed to be comforted, because I was pretty much done.

My sister believes that his antics are all related somehow to testosterone. Oh well; at least there is never a dull moment with Bubba around!

At least it's Friday, that's something. Back to work!

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Laura said...

If this were a sitcom, you know it would be hysterical.
But, it's not.
It's just one thing after another in your busy day.
Your spirits seem up- which is quite admirable.
I bet that Bubba is a hoot.