Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding Pictures: Pampering

My dear friend and the beautiful bride was kind enough to arrange for all of her wedding party to get manicures and pedicures, Bella included. And although spending two hours in a nail salon with two children wasn't my cup of tea, Bella had a blast:
Bella getting her first pedicure. They turned on the massage chair but she had to sit so far forward that she couldn't feel it.

Bella's post-pedicure pampered tootsies.

Bella getting her manicure. I didn't remember to take a photo of her finished fingernails with the digital camera, but rest assures they were a gorgeous glittery red. I took one with my phone to send to Brian and my SIL but forgot to get a shot with the real camera. And I was juggling Bubba the whole time, so frankly I am glad that I even remembered the camera. A one-year old in a nail salon is a dangerous thing.

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