Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

1. Tonight Bella asked, completely of her own accord, if she could bring her lunch tomorrow and put the $3 she would have spent buying her lunch into her Operation Rice Bowl box. And Fridays are pizza days, people, so that's a big deal. She's a good girl.

2. Bubba is teething, and he is having a terrible time of it. He got his two bottom incisors, then a month or so ago he popped one of his canines up top. It is really terribly amusing, because it's waaaay off to the side. I've been calling it his hillbilly tooth. He started gearing up into the teething process (extreme fussiness, low-grade fever, restlessness, diaper rash, did I mention the fussiness? ) and I started checking to see what was emerging next. A full two weeks in, I finally noticed a tooth coming in and it is the other canine up top. So he's missing a good four teeth in between the two. Bless his little heart, it's a funny looking mouth. It's so strange, too, because the canines aren't supposed to come in until 16-22 months. I guess he's just an overachiever.

3. When I attended the Ash Wednesday service at Bella's school, that is actually the first service I have attended with all the school kids there. For one reason or another I have never been able to make it. I have since decided that I want to be there as often as possible, because it is on my level. Before anything takes place (communion, distribution of ashes, etc) Father explains what is going to happen, what he will say and what (if anything) you are supposed to say and/or do in reply. Awesome! That is right up my alley! They are having Stations of the Cross tomorrow at 10:15, and I'm going to try and make it for that, Bubba permitting.

4. I finally decided tonight that yes, I really do hate Golden Corral. I had suspected it, last time I was there, but this evening's visit confirmed it - I just can't stand it. It stresses me out, in a weird way - all those people, jostling for position in the steak line, cutting in front of you and taking the last piece of cheese pizza, dropping the tongs on the floor. Yeesh. The food is usually terrible, too - my uncle worked there briefly and said that there is very little that is served there that doesn't come out of a can, even adding that you would be amazed at the things that come in cans that you would think really shouldn't. He didn't elaborate on the last remark and I didn't ask him to. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

5. I did not have girl scouts today, since our new policy of meeting every other week was put into place this month. It was lovely to not spend my Wednesday night prepping craft stuff, and it was lovely to have my Thursday entirely to myself. I think the breaks will be very good for me, providing me with just enough of a break to prevent me from absolutely hating it. I have been talking to one of the mothers about next year - she thinks it would be a shame for the troop to fizzle out, and I agree. She is willing to take a main leadership role if I agree to help her, and I think I am going to do it. I know I have said multiple times that this was it, I was never going to do this again, but Bella really wants to continue on, and I know how good the troop could be if done correctly (i.e, not what we are doing now). I'm such a sucker. I also agreed to help staff the book fair at Bella's school in a few weeks. The school librarian, whose twin daughters are in my scout troop, commented the other day that she knew we didn't have a meeting on a certain date, and that she could really use some help. After mulling it over for a couple of days, I sent her an e-mail offering to assist. I love books, though, and I loved books fairs when I was a kid, so I think this will be cool.

6. I took a nap today! And all because the television was turned off. Usually, if I lay down and snuggle with Bubba on the sofa and he falls asleep, I will lay there with him and watch TV for a while. Today we laid down and snuggled, he fell asleep, and I started wondering what I was going to do to while away his nap time, and then I promptly fell asleep, too. We napped on the sofa together for a good hour and a half. It was heavenly. Hooray for naps! I honestly can't remember that last time I took a good nap like that, and the baby snuggles were just a bonus.

7. I ordered a few new books and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I purchased some books by Michael Dubriel - he passed away unexpectedly the other day, and I am a fan of his wife (I own one of her books and read her blog), and she mentioned in a post that, if people wanted to do something to help, they could buy his books. I headed over to Amazon and ended up ordering three of his books, and I am looking forward to getting them in my hot little hands, putting the kids to bed and doing some reading (especially since I'm without television). I love getting new books. I love books and reading in general, but I love getting something new to read.

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Laura said...

Girl Scouts is such a wonderful organization and the girls that participate make wonderful memories and are able to things that others cannot. You are being very generous by offering your time this way.