Monday, February 16, 2009

Wedding: The big day!

I was limited in the shots I could get because the professional photographers had some very strict rules as to when people could take pictures. These aren't the best shots, and I never actually got one of her in the dress alone (there is one on the phone, but the resolution is so crappy it's not worth the trouble of figuring out how to transfer pictures out of the phone anyway). Anyway, here are a few shots:

Bella getting her hair done.

The results, from the front....

.....and from the back. Beautiful!

The wedding party, after the ceremony. I was trying to be quick and sneaky so the photographers didn't catch me and yell at me. That is why this photo and the one below it are so bad. It's certainly not my lack of photography skills or anything, noooooo.

A poor quality close-up of Bella. Right after this the photographers caught me and kicked me to the back of the church.

Bella hanging on to her Uncle Shaun after the ring bearer asked her to dance.

Bella and myself dancing and crying and slowly unraveling - this photo was courtesy of Uncle Shaun. I didn't know he had taken it - thanks, Uncle Shaun.

A random shot of the reception that Bella took for me.

Bella dancing to the 'Train' song. Not the same pouty child from above, not at all. I'm glad she had a good time.

Hopefully, since the photographers banned the rest of us from getting good shots, their photos will be good and my friend the blushing bride will share with me. I'm sure she will - she is a lovely, generous and kind lady whom I wish all the happiness in the world!

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