Thursday, February 12, 2009

Works for me.....Thursday?

Things have been crazy around these parts, so I apologize for my lack of posts. The wedding that Bella is going to be in is this Saturday, and that has been keeping us hopping. And work, and other things keeping me busy. Speaking of busy.......(what a segue!)

I was looking for a cookbook on Amazon the other day, mostly to reach their evil $25 free shipping minimum (oh, Amazon, how I love and hate your free shipping), and I stumbled across this one: The Six O'Clock Scramble

It looked intriguing, so I purchased it, and....I absolutely love it! The meals are organized seasonally, so you are buying and cooking produce that is fresh and readily available (and usually affordable). They are all quick and fairly easy. And the kicker? BOTH of my kids have eaten and enjoyed everything I have made from this cookbook. Do you realize how utterly insane that is? I made a baked spaghetti from this book the other day - one of the meatless recipes, and it includes broccoli - and my husband ate and enjoyed it, both my kids ate and enjoyed it, and I took some to my grandparents, who loved it. That's three generations of approval!

AND - on their website, you can print out grocery lists for each week. Awesome! They do have an e-mail newsletter you can purchase, that includes a week's menu and grocery list, but I haven't gone through the cookbook yet, so I don't really need the newsletter.

A few of the recipes are meatless, which suits me and the kids fine. I was a little worried about my husband, but he was fine with the meatless recipes I have made. And you can easily add meat to them, which I have done a couple of times as well. There are suggestions for easy side dishes and healthy desserts....this is a busy mom's lifesaver.

Things are only going to get busier for us as we get closer to Saturday, so I will probably be scarce again, but I just had to recommend this book. After working all day, I have been able to put hot, healthy meals in front of my family that they actually eat and like. Check it out, if you get a chance - it is very much worth it.


Aviva Goldfarb, CEO, said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying my cookbook, Val! I love reading about your experience and would love to quote you on my cookbook review page on my site, if that's okay. I'm working on another cookbook that will be out in '10, so maybe by then you'll be ready for more recipes. Thanks so much for sharing it with your followers!


Laura said...

This sounds like the perfect book for me.
How was the wedding?
I know- that 25 buck minimum gets me too, but it seems fair enough. At least it's only 25 and not 50.

Anonymous said...

I *love* the cookbook too!