Thursday, February 19, 2009

A royal visit

The king and queen of Spain were here in town today, in honor of the 450th anniversary of the founding of our fair city. They made quite a few stops, the last of which was to the Naval Aviation Museum on the base. Bella's school is mere blocks from the base entrance, so the royal motorcade passed right in front of the school. The entire student body gathered out front with Spanish flags and a banner that read, "God bless your majesties". I think that's so cool, that they had the opportunity to do and see that.

Bella is actually in this picture - a view of the banner and some of the children waiting for the motorcade to pass

They were an enthusiastic bunch, that's for certain.

This is actually Bella's second motorcade wave - when then-President Bush was in town a couple of years ago her school did the same thing. So she has seen a president and a king (or at least waved at them as they whizzed by). Lucky girl!


Laura said...

Well that's exciting!
Kids love those little flags don't they? I still have one from a White House visit in 4th grades.
I remember waving that thing like no one's business. I don't even know what country it is now.

Anonymous said...

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