Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I need a nun

It is catholic schools week, and there is a fervor of activity at Jacelyn's school. Yesterday was parent luncheon day, so I got to join Jacelyn for lunch. She acts out in my presence sometimes, and she attempted that a few times during the course of the meal, but the close proximity of a nun tempered her behavior somewhat. I encouraged this by occasionally whispering, "Sister is right there. Do I need to call her over?""NO!" she would respond emphatically. I need a nun to kind of follow us around, to restaurants and stores and whatnot. When Jacelyn starts acting up I can just point to our lurking nun and she will straighten right up. No disrespect intended to nuns, by the way. I have all the respect, awe and amazement in the world for them.

Jacelyn's Daisy troop had a tea party last night. The girls were told they could wear whatever they wanted to wear, and to bring a teacup. Well. The fashion was amazing, as was the variety of teacups. There were a couple of girls in church-type clothes, one in a little plaid suit with boots on. There were a couple of party dresses, one American Girl Doll dress, and one girl had on pajamas. And Jacelyn---well. She had on a white Barbie wedding gown, with so much tulle that we could barely fit her into her car seat. With this bustled gown she wore glittery green fairy wings (worn upside down, so that they protuded a good two feet above her head), a headband of green and yellow flowers with pearls, and green ballet slippers (there was a moment of great indecision and agonizing as to whether she should wear the green ballet slippers, or the red, sequin encrusted Mary Janes). To this ensemble she added a pink feather boa and a glittery tiara dripping with huge fake gems. "I'm a fairy" she told me, as she checked herself out in the mirror. Indeed.

That's all for now. I have another post brewing somewhere in my mind, but I don't want to go there right now. Maybe later.

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