Monday, January 29, 2007

My pants are too big

Brian's mother kindly bought me a pair of pants yesterday while she was out shopping. She paid some ridiculously low price for them - like, $1.28. Some people leave tags on to show you how much they paid, my MIL leaves the tag on so you can see how little she paid. Anyway, I gratefully accept the pants and notice the size -- hmmm, they might be big. I try them on: yes, they are. Not so big that they fall down, but large nonetheless. So after washing and drying them (and they are still too big) I decide to relegate them to the bottom of the pants pile (which would be my closet-less version of back of the closet). This morning, I was getting ready to iron a different pair of pants, when my MIL points out that I wouldn't have to iron the new pants she got me. Didn't I like them? No, I loved them, I told her. So I am wearing the overly-large pants and have resigned myself to a day of hitching them up. As of this very moment of writing the crotch of the pant is about four inches below where it should be. Sigh.

The weekend was fun. Saturday Jacelyn and I vegged out on the sofa and watched movies, and did some science experiments (cleaned some pennies with lemon juice, made our own plastic out of milk and vinegar). Sunday we made pizza from scratch. And when I say scratch, I mean scratch, dammit. Down to the crust - we made our own pizza crusts. I had never made any type of bread, like worked with yeast or anything, and I was fairly nervous, but it went well. I think I was just as excited and amazed as Jacelyn when we went back and saw the dough had indeed doubled in size like it was supposed to.

That's about it. Busy week this week - it's catholic schools week. Tuesday is Parent Luncheon Day. Thursday is bring a friend to school day, but Jacelyn doesn't really have any friends outside school so we won't be participating in that. Friday is a teacher luncheon, and I was asked to help watch the kids in the classroom while the teachers have lunch. Ha! I'm actually excited. Tomorrow night her Daisy troop is having a tea party, and the girls can dress up and bring their favorite teacup. That also seems promising. Brian will be in Thursday through Saturday (leaving just before my birthday, how convenient). Saturday night is the annual family gathering at Golden Corral. That's always enjoyable - seeing people you vaguely recognize whose names you can't remember but of course they remember you, and then trying to have a coherent conversation with those people while not letting on that you aren't even certain that you are related, much less what their name might be. I end up saying things like, "So how is...... everybody?" and then, once I have abandoned all pretense, I say things like, "What's your name again and how are we related?".

Oh, and once I get my birthday money, I'm totally buying a banjo. Sweet! Talk to y'all later!

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