Wednesday, January 17, 2007

By the way.....

I posted about my trip, that's below, but I had to add something. Jacelyn got her girl scout cookie order form last night. We cannot start selling until 9:00am Friday, a rule that I at first was going to blow off and then decided to follow. They do this stuff for a reason: money (ha!), and to teach the girls about goal setting and whatnot.

Last night Jacelyn and I sat down with the prize booklet and she set a goal for herself, based on the prizes that she wants. Jacelyn's goal: 145 boxes of cookies. Yikes! And I'm going to have her do a lot of it. Instead of me just bringing the order form to work, I'm going to bring her up to work after school one day so SHE can ask people to buy cookies (besides, she's way cuter than me).

We are going to make a list of people she can ask to buy cookies. And once we start selling them, we are going to go over the number of boxes she has sold every couple of days or so: "Ok, you have sold 59 boxes so far, so that means you need to sell another 86 to reach your goal. How do you think we can do that?". That might sound goofy, but I really want her to learn something from all this. I explained to her last night that if she sells that many boxes that will be over $500 in cookies, and to think how much good that the girl scouts can do with that money. Some of it goes to the local council, for camp scholarships and the like, and the rest of it goes directly to the troop. We are going to Camp Kolomoki in May, the same camp Jen and I went to when we were girl scouts. The cookie money helps to pay for that. Think of it that way - when you buy cookies, you are putting Jacelyn and I one step closer to spending some quality time together.

So....if you are in the area, I know an adorable little girl who will be selling girl scout cookies as of 9:00am on Friday. All the standards are there, along with a newer "Thanks-a-Lot" cookie, and the brand new "Lemonades". There is also a low fat oatmeal type of cookie for those dieters out there. I'll be seeing you all (or most of you, anyway) very soon. With my Daisy and her cookie order form in tow. Be prepared!

By the way: If you sell 800 boxes of cookies, you get an Ipod. The really tiny nifty ones. And a gift card to some undisclosed place in some undisclosed amount. In the 750 cookie range you get a MP3 player and a camp scholarship. To one of the big, really nice camps. We didn't get anything but patches when I was a girl scout! Your patch said the approximate number of boxes you had sold, but that was it. None of this fancy t-shirt, fluffy pen, princess lamp, gym bag stuff. Hmmph.

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