Monday, January 08, 2007

Yo, I'm Out

Jen and possibly Teresa would recognize that phrase as my former exit line of choice, used in accompaniment with a pointing finger gesture. That was my thing. It loses something when written down, but please be assured that it was cool. Or it may not have been cool, but I liked it and it was my thing. Enough of that.

I am leaving Wednesday morning, bound for Tampa and the FMEA conference. How did I, as an employee of music retail, end up going to a music educator's conference? Simple: Good friend Nikki is a local band director. Nikki is going to Tampa, and wanted someone to go with. Nikki surreptiously calls and speaks with my boss, who agrees to let me attend. Nikki purchases entrance for me as a Christmas gift. And now, here I am, two days away from a four day trip to Tampa. Gasp! I will spend Wednesday through Saturday night away from my daughter (boo) and my husband and in-laws (yay!). I will miss Jacelyn. Yeah, that's about it.

I have been on an emotional roller coaster about this trip. At first I was curious and somewhat excited, then I was filled with dread and woe. Then I realized everything I needed to get accomplished, both at home and at work, to accomodate a four-day absence and became very grumbly. Then, as I was getting things done I was very, very grumbly, but the more I get done the better I feel. I realized yesterday that going out of town has forced me to take care of things that have been needing my attention for quite some time (mostly cleaning and organization, both at home and at work). And not only am I getting things accomplished, but they will be in order when I get back. And serving a duel function, in that the more that I do (and I've done a lot) the more ready I am to get the hell out of town.

Brian actually took the four days off from work (because I asked him to), and will be responsible for Jacelyn while I'm away. I would say it's a good opportunity for him to walk in my shoes for a few days, but it won't be. His sister is going to come over every morning (she will be using my car while I'm away) and do Jacelyn's hair. His mother will make sure that both he and Jacelyn are up, and that she eats breakfast. He won't have to added stress of trying to get himself ready for work while simultaneously prodding a four-year old into eating and dressing in a timely manner. I'm willing to bet his mother will get Jacelyn up and ready and let him sleep until the last possible minute. I'm frustrated that he won't have to actually see what I go through on a day-to-day basis, but gratified by the fact that it will take three people (him, his mother, his sister) to do what I do alone on a daily basis. I'm a freaking superhero! Yeah!

On a side note, I got a digital camera and have been a little shutterbug with it lately. Once I buy batteries, I will put up some pictures. You will all rue the day I received that camera, as you will now be privy to...well, whatever I feel like showing you. Ha!

So, like the title says, yo, I'm out. I will be careful, and hopefully I will have fun, and hopefully it will be refreshing and educational and whatnot. Later!


Jennifer said...

Y'all were so amazingly awesome at keeping my ship afloat when I missed 3 weeks of work for S.A.M.'s surgery that you can take solace in the fact that (speaking from experience) at least your workspace will still be organized when you return.

Karma rules, don't it?

Have fun at the are going to have so much fun!

Jen said...

You'll have a great time - enjoy those low-reed try-outs, k? :)