Friday, July 25, 2008

Spitty birds and crawling babies

I am sick - some sort of sinus thing. I spent yesterday sprawled on the sofa with tissue shoved in my nose. I did venture out once to get milk, toilet paper and gummy bears, but other than that I moved from my sofa perch only when I had to. Bella enjoyed it - she spent a lot of time hiding out in her room and being that suspicious kind of quiet, the kind of quiet that means something bad is going down. However, when asked what she was doing, I got some lengthy explanation about birds, and spit, and the removal of skin, and when she came into the living room to explain it to me she had gardening gloves on. When I asked what the gloves were for she said, "The bird spit, mom! Aren't you listening?". Oh, geez, my bad. What a great imagination she has.

Bubba took full advantage of it, too, and put his new rolling/dragging/crawling skills to good use. Especially this morning. I was sitting right there - right there! - and he was into everything. Apparently there is something about Bella's shoes that make them far more preferable to chew on than either mine or Brian's. Maybe it's their smaller size. But this morning he got into the shoes no less than three times, and each time I had to remove one of Bella's shoes from his mouth. Once he finally got that the shoes were a no-no he headed over to the tv stand, where, after much fiddling and scritching and scratching around, he opened one of the cabinets there and started pulling out DVDs. His DVD removal plans thusly thwarted, he scooted over to the rocking chair and pinched his fingers in the rocking ottoman (what idiot came up with that idea, by the way?). That was the final straw for tummy time - once I comforted him, I gave him his binky and plopped him into the bouncer. I guess it's time to childproof.

I am going to spend my day after work perched on the sofa again, trying to get better. And maybe playing some Guitar Hero. Because I rock! Have a great weekend, all!

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