Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Over

They took Miley off the ventilator last night. Her parents (her dad is not in Iraq as I had thought - he is here but scheduled to be deployed) had to make the decision and they are utterly tormented because of it - and who could blame them? They exhausted every avenue to make as absolutely certain as they could that she was brain dead, and poor Leigh spoke with half a dozen priests in order to make certain they were not going against the Church's teachings (the priests all assured the family that not only was it not against the teachings of the Church, it was probably the best thing for the baby). Her funeral will be Tuesday the 22nd, which is also when they lost their first child to SIDS. Please pray for the family, if you pray.

I am going to do what any good southerner does in a time like this - I am going to make casseroles and sweet tea.


twithhoney said...

I will keep the family in my prayers.

(I want to say more but the right words seem to fail me.)

Jennifer F. said...

I just found your blog through my referrals. I am so terribly sorry to hear this. That family will be in my prayers.