Monday, May 05, 2008

Hey, get a load of these....

I find myself eagerly anticipating an appointment during which I will expose my breasts to a complete stranger for comments and questions. Sigh. I mentioned to a male friend that it seems like breasts are all I think about, and he said "Me, too". Although I'm thinking about them in a baby feeding, life sustaining way, and he's thinking about them in a different manner altogether.

I made an appointment with a local lactation office. The woman I spoke with on the phone was so stymied by my description of what Bubba does during our attempts at nursing that she asked me to come in today. So here's hoping we get things figured out, because we have reached a critical point in this process where we work it out or we stop completely.

Here's my prediction:
  • My supply is low and must be restored and increased
  • Our latch and positioning is completely off and must be corrected

I know what our problems are, but I don't know how to correct them. So off I go to undress for a stranger. It's all worth it, though. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper than formula.

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Anonymous said...

I hope she is able to help both of you!