Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So do I get a cape for that, then?

I have a superpower, I discovered yesterday. Apparently, according to my doctor, I have a "cervix of steel". Every time I type that I can hear that guy that did the narration for the Muppet Show's 'Pigs in Space' segment. You know, it went "PIGS......IN.........SPAAAAAAAACE". Well, apparently I have a "CERVIX......OF........STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL".

I am still holding at two centimeters dilated, and not at all effaced. There is nothing going on down there. Nadda. I will confess to being discouraged. My doctor and I talked about my options-he doesn't want me to go past 40 weeks, or at least not very far past 40 weeks., because of the SUA. I really didn't want to be induced - I really wanted to go into labor on my own, but I have reached that point where I am OK with being induced, because I am so over being pregnant, and of course because it is what is best for the baby. I voiced my hesitancy to him, and he said that I will not have the same experience I had when Jacelyn was born. He assured me that I could have my epidural at any point I felt ready for it (even sarcastically offering to give it to me right then, which made me love him even more). So if I make it to my next appointment, which he thinks (and I must admit I agree ) that I will, we are going to discuss a date for induction. And really, that's OK with me. I freely admit that I have caved. I gave in without a fight and barely a consideration to the "I-will-do-this-on-my-own" conviction that I thought I possessed so strongly. I would still like to go into labor on my own. Hey, you never know. But the teeny bit of intuition I possess says - it ain't happening.

I'm feeling better about things - I have Little Guy's bag packed, and my own bag partially packed. I do wonder about the weather -the high is in the 60's all next week, and I wonder if the clothes I packed for him will be too warm. But anyway: all the little things that needed to be washed and/or assembled to prepare for his arrival has been washed and/or assembled. The only thing I have not done is clean out my car. I'll get to it, I think. I have to.

But that's it - me and my cervix of steel are just hanging out. Waiting. Stubbornly not doing a thing that we should be doing. Because that is how we roll.


Aimee said...

All my kids have been late so far, and I have been induced twice. With Fiver, my cervix was at one and holding for weeks and I was sure that the induction would fail and I would need a c-section. But wouldn't you know that that was the time I got a little medicine to ripen my cervix and it put me into labor alone. I didn't need any pitocin or anything like I did with the girls.
You never know what might happen - I will be praying that it all goes smoothly for you!

Laura said...

The little things we find out about our blogger friends.....
For selfish reasons I want that baby to come out today!!! I can't wait to see cute little baby pictures!!!
Keep us posted Miss C.of S.