Friday, January 18, 2008

Just stuff

From the 'you know you're nine months pregnant when...' file: The other night I got up from the couch, where I was snuggling with Jacelyn, and went into the kitchen to get a sip of OJ. I returned to the couch, which Jacelyn had vacated in my absence, and when I sat down noticed a damp spot on the cushion. My first thought? 'Oh man, did I pee?'. I ascertained that no, I had not wet myself or the furniture, and realized it was from Jacelyn's still-damp from the shower hair. Whew.

I'm still pregnant, still tired, and there's still nothing going on. Even the Braxton-Hicks contractions have stalled out. My patience with people is virtually nonexistent, which is bad if you work in retail. I have become utterly anti-social. Today, when I was waiting in carpool to pick Jacelyn up, I opened my phone and put it up to my ear so it would look like I was on the phone and I wouldn't have to talk to anyone. That's terrible! I have to struggle against these reclusive, hermit-like feelings. I just want to hide in my house, emerging only for doctor's appointments and to give birth. However, I still have to take Jacelyn to and from school, go to and from work, and do girl scout stuff. You would think I would be trying (or wanting) to get out and do things before I have the baby, but noooooooo. I don't want to go out shopping, I don't want to go out to eat, I don't want to go anywhere. Maybe it's because I run around so much in my day-to-day routine that, by the time I have a chance to be home, I just want to be home. Hopefully it's some harmless reason like that and not any sort of mental disorder.

So that is where I leave you. Still no baby, and no sign of baby showing any interest in making an appearance any time soon. Oh, but the drummer from the Foo Fighters was in the store today (Taylor Hawkins)! I was starstruck from a distance, because I was dealing with someone on the phone, but I was still starstruck. He is the first non-classical famous musician that I have met at work. Since I missed out on Whitesnake all those years ago. Ha! Have a good weekend!


Aimee said...

I have done the same thing with my phone.

I say it's totally allowable when you're nine months preg :)

Nicole said...

That is good. I'm going to have to remember that. There are LOTS of people I want to avoid talking to!! NOT YOU THOUGH! I would give my husband's left testicle to talk to you. Not sure who would want it but still the offer is on the table.