Monday, August 13, 2007

Looks like we made it

Well, the first day of school has come and gone. Jacelyn was a trooper this morning; she was actually somewhat horrified that I insisted on walking her up to her class. "Well, I see Savannah, I'm going to walk with her" she informed me, almost leaping out of the car before I had stopped it completely and running to meet her friend. So I stood and watched. She was on her best behavior and made me quite proud. She entered her new class with a little wave (that included a bit of a 'Shoo!' gesture that I chose to ignore) and there she was, my kindergartner, starting her first day.

Pickup went a LOT less smoothly. A bunch of the new parents crowded around the classroom door with videocameras and whatnot, waiting for their little genuises to emerge. This panicked the priest (who has a slight obsession with following proper pickup procedure), who called for Sister, who literally ran up to the classrooms and took over the proceedings. Father doesn't like it when we get out of our cars. Especially once the bell has rung. He is very clear on that, and will glower at you until you meekly return, thoroughly chastened, to the safety of your vehicle. The ensuing mayhem caused the kids to get out a little later than usual, with the first little ones being shepherded out fifteen minutes late. And the presence of Father and Sister made people think twice about their usual mad dash out of the parking lot. Father was yelling at people: "Stop! Where are you going, are you trying to kill someone?", and then in his next breath would screech, "Go! Go! You're holding up the line!". Everyone was confused, hot, and disgruntled, except the kids, who just wanted to go home and maybe have some lunch. Proving that children are basically OK until parents and administrators get overly involved, and we just make things difficult.

Jacelyn said K5 is fun. And then she gave me a very sly little "Guess who I sit by, mommy?" I asked "Who?". "I sit by a booooooy. And guess who sits in front of me?". "Who?" I ask, expecting maybe one of the Emily's or Jackie. "Another booooooooy". Oh, Lord. But she enjoyed herself and wants to go back tomorrow, so that's a good sign. Whew.

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