Monday, August 27, 2007

How do you spell relief? H-A-N-D-G-U-N

So much going on, my gracious, and I am stressed out. My blood pressure was a bit high at my last OB appointment, and he brought that up, and I said, "Well....." and then gave him the short version of my life right now. He was briefly speechless.

Brian is coming back. That's right, ladies and gentleman, Brian is making his triumphant return to home, hearth and family. Well, family, at least, there is no home. The end of September, around the 29th, is when he starts work. This is good, in many ways. This also will be a little bad, but mostly good. He wants to stay with his mother for one more month (just one more!) to get some extra money put back, which makes me want to throw a temper tantrum. I want to jump, and scream, and pull at my clothes and hair and say "NO NO NO NO NO I have done this for this long and you want me to do it longer, and with you around? NONONONONO". But, I won't do that. I have done it for this long; what is one more month? One more long, agonizing, month of no privacy, of arguments and and petty annoyances and the little things that, although small, make you want to scream and murder someone. One more month of my MIL making sure that I really did set the coffeepot for the next morning. One more month of her waiting until I go to bed and then adding things to Jacelyn's lunch that Jacelyn is not allowed to have at school (cookies, candy, sweets, etc). Just one more month. What's one more month? Sigh. Just a little more of the precious little sanity I have left. But that's OK - with kids and family, it helps to be crazy, and I am fortunate enough to live in the south, where we love our crazy people. It will be OK. Because it has to be.

I saw the OB on August 22nd. Weight is fine, the blood pressure a little high. Bun got stressed out trying to avoid the doppler and his/her heart rate increased while we were listening, which was rather cute and funny. My next appointment and my sonogram will be September 19th. That's a big day! Hopefully Bun will cooperate and we will be able to find out what we're having - boy, girl, banana, whatever. I want to know.

That's all for now. I'll get to Jen's tag when I can get to it - she's going to be too busy anyway, so she'll never notice.

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