Friday, August 31, 2007

Jacelyn is funny

Tuesday afternoon Jacelyn had a triangle-shaped blank banner (pink, of course) in her folder, with instructions to use it to make a banner about family. You could use pictures, stickers, markers, whatever. I promptly forgot about it until last night. After I got home from work I put it in front of her and instructed her to start drawing about her family. She promptly drew a frog. I pointed out that she did not have a frog in her family, and then she decided it was a dog. I pointed out again that she doesn't have a dog, and she sighed. "Well, you can just do this, then". No, that's not how it works. "It's a bird, then." she said. I told her wearily that she doesn't have a bird, and then she pointed to Brian's mother's bird (whose cage was immediately behind us, duh me). So she wrote "BIRD" and then "DANNY" in large letters. "I'm done!" she announced. No. Sigh.

I drew a small Bernardo family tree of those family members she is surrounded by the most (including her father, even though she sees him less than anyone else, ha). She was very surly. "Well what do I do now?" she grumped. I told her to think of fun things she does with people in her family, and draw pictures about that. We started with Maw-Maw. "What do you do with Maw-Maw?" She thought about that for a second and then her face lit up. "How do you spell Wal-Mart?" she asked. I snickered and told her, so for her Maw-Maw she made a Wal-Mart sign. For Paw-Paw she had me draw music notes, since they listen to music together. For Michelle she drew a house, since she loves to play at Auntie's house.For Uncle Joe she drew a planetarium, since he goes to school by the planetarium. For daddy, it got tough for some reason. So she just wrote "I LOVE DADDY". I had deliberately saved myself for last, and was all a-flutter wondering what she would draw. A book, since we read together? A pot or a pan, since we cook together? Something about painting? She instructed me not to look while she drew what reminds her of me. I waited anxiously, and she finally said I could look, and I looked down and there was.....a car. "Because we ride in the car so much together!" she explained. Oh. Huh. I mean, we do ride in the car a lot together, to and from school and whatnot, but I've never particularly thought of that as fun. Usually in the mornings we are grumpy and disgruntled with each other, and in the afternoons we are hot and I have to tell her that she can't do any of the things she wants to do and she gets grumpy again and I am usually miserably hot and feeling yucky and not the best company. Oh well.

She also amused me Tuesday afternoon. She was leaning against my belly and felt the baby kick. "what was that?" she asked. "That was Bun-Bun, kicking". "Really?" she asked, amazed. I told her if she held still she could probably feel it again, and she did. Then she leapt up and jumped onto the sofa beside me. "Open your mouth!" she ordered urgently. "Why?" I asked. "Just open your mouth!" So I did, and she leans forward and shouts into my open mouth, "BUN-BUN!" in a most urgent manner, almost like someone shouting down a mineshaft. It was very funny.

I guess that's enough 'funny stuff my kid said and/or did' for one day. I'm just looking forward to the weekend, where I will have Sunday and Monday off. Two days off consecutively! What's that like? I plan on spending some down time with Jacelyn (and not in the car), and then doing some packing. You can never be too ready! And if Brian has to live surrounded by boxes, maybe he will be in more of a hurry to leave his mother's house. I do not plan on that being an easy month for him, at all. Because I am evil and cunning. Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

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