Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh Good Grief

Jacelyn had nightmares the other night, bad ones. She was restless all night long, tossing and turning and sighing and crying out. It was a rough, long night. The next morning I asked her: what gave her nightmares? Her reply: "That vegetable game, it scared me". She was referring to her new Veggie Tales video game (see image above). I am not normally a veggie tales fan, but the game was on clearance for $3.50, so what the heck. The irony here: Jacelyn loves vampire movies. She watched "Kill Bill" with her father from her booster chair at the ripe age of two, munching on Cheerios (until I came home and put an end to it). The other day Michelle was watching "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" when we got to her house, but changed the channel shortly after we came in. Jacelyn wanted her to put it back on the scary movie. She watched part of "The Grudge" with her father (again, until I put a stop to it). But what gives her nightmares? Veggie Tales. I will never, ever understand that child.

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Teresa said...

This post made me laugh SO hard! How hilarious!!!!