Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Emily Lenz is Jacelyn's first friend. She was a born a week - to the day! - before Jacelyn. She was four yesterday - I'm off by a day, sorry. Nicole, Emmy's mommy, is me if I lived better and didn't use so much foul language. She is me with better morals, me if I wasn't so lazy. Nicole is my soul sister - we were that rarity of rarities - two mommies who were very different people but had similar, almost identical, parenting ideas. We breastfed, we made our own baby food, talked smack about our husbands, sympathized and cajoled each other about our rotten children. :-)
I miss her dearly for many, many reasons, and if I can ever formulate a good enough excuse I am so going up to visit her. But I digress; I got off subject. Happy Birthday, Emmy! We miss you!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Emmy!! Don't grow up TOO fast-you make me feel old! We miss you!

Nicole said...

Oh Val, I can't tell you how much this post meant to me! I have always felt the exact same way, like we were kindred spirits and have always described you to people as such. I felt that we connected on a whole other level than anyone else I have ever been friends with. I didn't want to mention it, for fear of you thinking I was weird. :o)