Monday, May 01, 2006

Bedding Bonanza

I bought this duvet cover yesterday. We got our tax return and I decided to be a good American, GW style, and return a little of it to the economy. :-) It was on sale, and I liked it, and it actually means quite a lot to me, as goofy as that sounds, for reasons that I can't really get into right now. Anyway, here it is: my horrid taste in bedding. I did not buy the flowery sheet set or the white bed skirt - didn't so much like those, but I love the duvet cover and shams.


Jennifer said...

Nice! :) We only got $83 back this year. I'm investing it in our savings account that's earning all of 4%. Woo-hoo fun!

Nicole said...

I love it! To me it feels reminiscent of the 70's, funky. Maybe its the orange color. I love it though, definitely unique!