Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Welcome, Karma

Not the concept, the infant. My friend Leeann delivered her baby daughter, whom she named 'Karma', yesterday. Sweet little Karma was born six weeks before her due date, has a cleft palate, small lungs, some potential kidney problems, and some issues with bone development in her legs and hips. She is breathing on her own, and is breathtakingly beautiful. She is most assuredly a very, very special little girl, and if you think of it, mention her in your prayers. Or, if you don't pray, think of her fondly and send her happy thoughts. Congratulations to Leeann and Karma, we love you both very much.


Teresa said...

I actually read both of your posts, but I was at work when I read each of them, and didn't have time to comment. Thanks for the offer to capture a TRUE buffet. Though if I did show it to a Korean, I'm sure I'd get some annoying line about how all of it is "bad for my health" and Korean food is so very "good for my health." I'm so sick to death of that phrase. Anyway, that's all. Love you.

Jennifer said...

My Godsister (for lack of a better term, her mom is my Godmother) is named Carma! Pretty name.