Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who's on first....

Well, I had a heck of a day and I am glad that it is over. And I have to give a shoutout to Aimee, whose timely posting put my grumpy mood in perspective. That St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was one smart cookie, to say the least.

The scout meeting went OK, as OK as it could go considering that I basically phoned it in. We sang songs and played relay games, and the girls seemed to enjoy it. And I have to give one more shoutout to the lovely and glowing T With Honey, for sending her mom to my rescue. Word to your mother, T! Tell her I said thank you! Internet friends are awesome.

After the meeting this afternoon we went back to my mother-in-law's house to pick up Bubba and my dear mother-in-law had made dinner. She cooked a bean soup and made us all grilled cheese sandwiches, and it made my day/night. There's nothing like being mothered a little every now and then, especially when you don't have your mother around anymore.

On the way home from my mother-in-law's, Bella and I were talking and I was instructing her as to what I wanted her to do when we got home. I have to share how the conversation went:

Me: When we get home, I want you to get your pajamas and panties and get in the shower right away.

Bella: OK.

Me: And socks, get some socks, too, to keep your feet warm.

Bella: But I don't want to wear socks, I hate wearing socks.

Me: Well, then wear socks for me, because I want you to be warm.

Bella: (puzzled) want me to wear your socks?

Me: No, no, I want you to wear your socks.

Bella: What?

Me: Wear your socks, not mine.

Bella: But I really hate wearing socks.

Me: Then wear them for me, because I want you to.

Bella: You want to wear my socks? I don't think they'll fit you.

Me: No, no, I want you to wear your socks, for my benefit, so I'll feel good knowing that you are warm.

Bella: So you want to trade socks, or something? I don't understand.

Me: Just wear socks, Bella, that's all I'm saying.

Bella: OK, but whose socks should I wear?

Sigh. And, when I went in to check on her after she had fallen asleep, she didn't have any socks on. Some days you just don't win. And on those days, you just take it on the chin and go and open the wine you got for Christmas. So if you'll excuse me, I need to find my wine tool and a plastic mardi gras cup, because that's how I drink my wine when I don't have comp'ny. Cheers!

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T with Honey said...

I'll pass your thanks on to my mom. She actually called me last night, worried that her comment was too long and windy.

I reminded her that she was just trying to be helpful and that is part of the beauty of the 'mommy blog' world. Most of us really do try to help each other instead of being preachy or put each other down. Hope her suggestions and thoughts help you out!