Monday, January 12, 2009

Grati-Tuesday: I heart Bella

I completely and utterly stole the graphic and the idea from Laura at Catholic teacher musings.
I'm incredibly thankful for my gal Bella. She is my sunshine, my little light. She is generous, and kind, and thoughtful, and loving and caring and would bend over backwards just to get me to smile if she thinks I'm feeling sad.
We've been playing Animal Crossing on the Wii - her after school, while I'm at work, and I play in the evenings, once she is in bed. She started a sweet little game-within-the-game where she and I been sending each other love notes in the mail in our imaginary little town. Her first note said, "I love you mom, this much" and attached was a pirate's eye patch. So I return: "I love you, too" and I will attach an outfit that makes her look like a grape. I made a heart-shaped constellation in the sky called "I love Bella". And last night while I was playing, after she had gone to bed, I saw an enormous heart shaped constellation, one that was not mine. So I investigated further and it was called "I love Mom". Aww. In the process of all this techno-affection, I realized that I could and should be doing things like this in real life. Well, with the exception of making a constellation - I would move the stars for her, if I could, but that's not really an option. So that is one I will resolve to do - to send love notes, and to find the time for her.
Thank you, God, for the gift of my daughter. And thanks to all the people in my life who have contributed to help make her the charming, loving and lovely little girl that she is. And now I'm all sniffly, so I'm going to sign off.

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Laura said...

Love notes...nice.
This is a very cute mom/daughter post.