Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Change?

I should change the title of my blog, because I don't think it accurately reflects my life anymore. Back in the day when I first started posting intimate details of my life on the internet via blogger, Jacelyn wasn't in school, or enrolled in any activities, or doing much of anything other than hanging out with her aunt. Now? Ha! Totally different story. I'm very glad - I think it's so much better for her, and for me, but damn, I'm tired. I remember choosing that title because I felt as though I had nothing, really, to report on. Teresa was in a foreign country, Jen going to school and working and being a band director and all the other stuff Jen does, and then there was me: working. Going home. Working. Going home. Now there' s a few more things in between.

I am, as I write, looking woefully at a page long e-mail I received from Jacelyn's Daisy troop leader. Cookie money is due soon (and not everyone has paid me, yet), at the next meeting I have to remember to bring a gallon container, a flat rock, and two recyclables (they are making the world a better place via those items, don't ask me how), there's a meet and greet with female pilots at the base on March 28th, on March 31st there is a camp day, on April 14th there is a cluster party, and on April 20th the girls are meeting at Sam's Fun City. There are also some tentative hike plans. Sigh. Many of the activities are on Saturdays, which means that I can't go. Jacelyn could go, if someone else would take her, but I hate to ask anyone. Busy, busy.

Teresa taught me how to knit, and I have been knitting small, misshapen things that are not easily identifiable. It's a nice, mind-numbing activity, though, that I enjoy, so I will probably continue making small, misshapen things. Thanks, Resa.

I just finished reading 'A Prayer for Owen Meany' and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would like to see the movie that is loosely based on the novel, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. It's called 'Simon Birch' and doesn't follow the book too closely, but the book was so good that I want to see the movie.

That's it, for now. Maybe I shouldn't change the title - I still don't have a whole lot going on.

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