Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Girl Scout

Yes, I've done it. I've signed my innocent baby up for girl scouting. She is old enough to be a Daisy. These are the Daisy uniforms:

The flower in the center is the patches that they earn. See below, from the Girl Scout website:

Daisy Girl Scout Promise Center and Learning Petals
The Daisy Girl Scout Promise Center, which is earned first, is placed in the center of the front of the Daisy Girl Scout tunic.
Each of the petals is then placed around the Center, in the order a girl chooses. The Center and Learning Petals represent the different parts of the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
The Promise Center is Daisy blue. The Learning Petals are:
Light blue for honest and fair
Yellow for friendly and helpful
Spring green for considerate and caring
Red for courageous and strong
Orange for responsible for what to say and do
Purple for respect myself and others
Magenta for respect authority
Green for use resources wisely
Rose for make the world a better place
Violet for be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Cute, huh? I'll let you know how it goes.


Jen said...

Aw...I'll always remember the tooth Dad pulled at Kolamoki-everyone was there for some reward ceremony. He pulled it right before it started and I bled for EVER.... Good times, good times...

Teresa said...

Reading what each petal was for made me tear up.

I've read every blog about Jacelyn being in school, BTW. I just haven't had time to comment. Not to mention I'm a bit speechless and feeling crappy. I've only barely ever been around my beautiful niece, and I'm REALLY excited about getting to spend some time with her, around her school schedule, of course.