Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jacelyn did it!

She survived the first day of school! I was dying. I was jumping up and down, I tried to call Brian's cell phone but Jen made me hang up. I couldn't wait to see her. When I saw Brian coming through the door I ran (literally) to the door and knelt down for a hug, which I got. I rummaged through her backpack and found her go-home folder. Its' contents: the school bulletin, the bottom of which has to be signed and sent back. A 'Personal Best' award for Jacelyn, and a bookmark. And something else - I don't remember what. She said she had fun; she talked to her friend Margaret (whose name she actually remembered, which says a lot since she is horrible with names) and 'some other kid'. They played outside, and read a story about a mouse, and then they drew a mouse. And had a snack, but she can't remember what. AND she said she didn't get in trouble, which is good.

I stood back and assessed her with a mother's eye: she looked tired, and a little overwhelmed. That was a lot to take in, especially when you're used to spending your day in the company of grown-up family members. But she said she wanted to go back, which is good, since not going back isn't an option. I think after a nap and some lunch she'll be her normal self again. Out of good behavior mode and back into the normal, home swing of things. My big girl! I'm so proud of her. Things feel almost anti-climactic now. The anticipation has been building and building up to this point, and now we're here,'s over, and done. Life goes on. This is the new normal for us, I guess, and we'll get used to it. But it doesn't seem right, somehow, to let this day pass on this easily. Just to say, "Well, that was that". But I guess that's what you do?

I can't wait to go home and see her. Talk to her. See if she's different, somehow, or pretty much still the same. I have a feeling she'll be maybe just slightly different, but not in a bad way. Maybe in a sad (for me) way. I'll let you know.

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