Friday, October 28, 2005

A Tribute

I know a poet. A fine example of a human being in every aspect; a gem of an individual whose every facet is unique and beautiful. A beautiful and loving person that never, ever gives themself enough credit for any act, deed or triumph that may occur. To this person (you know who you are!) I say, with nothing but respect, awe and admiration for your abilities, your manner(s), just who you are: you freaking rock. Songs are written about people like you. Poetry is composed. Art is born. Interpretive dance is choreographed. Bluntly: you freaking rock, and you need to realize it. You are talented, in many, many ways, and are, in all reality, way too cool to hang out with me. So thanks, for descending from the clouds from time to time to spend some time with me. I am a better, smarter, and happier person for knowing you. Go. Write. Laugh. Play. Dance. Draw. Be the special person that you are. And don't ever change, except for that whole not-loving-yourself thing. Here's to you, dear friend. May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be at your back. May your favorite beer always be on sale. May someone invent fat free, sodium free, carb free, calorie free potato chips. May your cookies never burn. Be happy, follow your bliss, and I hope one day you realize what an absolutely fabulous and amazing person you are. Thank you, for all that you do.

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Anonymous said...

The same could be said for someone else, possibly. Self Love, Self Loathing. Inner strength comes from those around you. Others can make you strong, happy, fabulous and amazing. The trick is self. Forgetting to forgive, forgiving to forget, like a crack in a windshield, spreading beyond control making itself weaker in the process, the trick is self. To you my dear friend, may the chocolate be frsh and cold, may the grilled cheese sandwich be gooey enough, may the towels be warm and toasty, and the cheese and mac be just right. Thank you