Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I feel as though I need an excuse for blogging. I'm not in a foreign country, I'm not saving the world before bedtime. There's nothing extraordinary going on; my life isn't fabulous and frolicking. But I do have thoughts, and things to say, and enjoy sharing said thoughts and things to say with those that I love. So I will share the contents of my warped and jaded mind for all. I will try not to be bitter, or angry, although sometimes I will fail miserably. I will rail, and moan, and rally, feel woefully inadequate and greatly superior. I will apologize profusely in an entirely unapologetic manner. I will wax poetic, use bad grammer, and flagrantly misuse punctuation. I will portray myself in an unflattering light. I will be selflessly selfish. I will go on and on, as I am right now, until people roll their eyes. I will stop now. Welcome to my blog, I hope it doesn't suck too badly.

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Teresa said...

Why'd you erase the other post? BTW, you should use pop-up commenting and enable comment verification to prevent spam comments. Mucho better, promise. This post made me laugh lots though. :)