Monday, September 15, 2008

I'd like to thank the academy.....

Aimee at The Mother Load gave me my first ever blogger award! Thanks, Aimee! This is a big day for me. First I'd like to thank God, and my kids, and blogger......oh, nevermind. It's a big deal to me and no one else. But hooray! She gave me this:

And now I have to give it away to five people - four regular readers and one person who is new or far away. So I proudly bestow this award to my dear sister Teresa, my dear sister Jen, the always charming T of T With Honey, and Mike (who possibly might not count since he doesn't really blog anymore, but who could blame him with everything he's got going on. So Mike: blogging or not, you are my buddy). And since it would be darned difficult to get much further away, I bestow the far away award to the lovely and talented Jen over at the Southern Jennisphere. And I would give this back to Aimee, if I could.

I didn't provide links because I'm too lazy, you can check my sidebar for links (all except to Mike's) and you should check them out because the aforementioned people, including Aimee, are some funny, thoughtful, uniquely wonderful people. Thanks, y'all!

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