Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Guest Post: Bubba speaks

Bubba hit the big six-month milestone on August 4th. In honor of his half-birthday I have allowed him to take over my blog for a day to let everyone know what he is up to:

Hey y'all - it's Bubba. I'm six months old now - mom tells anyone who will listen how fast I'm growing up, and frankly I'm sick of hearing it - and things are going pretty well for me.

I don't sleep so well at night, but I nap pretty well when I'm away from mom. I'm not bothered by it but it seems to be a source of some frustration for her.

I love my bottle. Sometimes I'm pretty sure that mom is never going to give it to me, even when she's holding me and fixing it but hey, I don't know what she's going to do with it, so I have to cry and thrash around a little bit, but she usually comes through for me. I like most of the real food that she gives me, too. I love bananas (even though mom insists on calling them "ba-nay-nays", much to my horror), and I'll eat avocado without too much fuss. The jury is still out on those sweet potatoes - I'm not 100% on those. And I have to be in the mood for applesauce - if I'm not in the mood I'll just spit it right back out. Mom keeps giving it to me, and everytime she says stuff like, "What kid doesn't like applesauce?". and I always think that, if I could talk, I would just say, "Me, so stop giving to to me".

I'm crawling now, so the world is opening up to me. Yesterday I made two huge discoveries. The first one is this big thing called a 'window'. This 'window' is completely clear so it looks like you can go outside but let me just tell you: you can't. Even if you crawl up to it and bump your head against it over and over again like I did, you can't get out through it. Eventually I got upset and cried, and mom picked up me and knocked on it and opened it up and showed me how it works and stuff, so I get the idea - I'll just have to wait until I'm older to use it to escape. I also made my way into the kitchen for the first time, and let me just tell you: linoleum is AWESOME. It's cold on your belly and it makes a really satisfying noise when you smack it. It is, however, much harder than carpet if you hit your head on it. But on the upside, the stuff on the floor in there is way tastier when you put it in your mouth than the stuff in the living room.

I like exploring, you know, checking everything out. The TV stand is one of my favorite things - if I work real hard at it, I can get those cabinet doors open and let me just tell you, there is a treasure trove of random stuff in there that is so fun to throw around and chew on. I'm also really into plugs and cords, you know, because those cords feel real good on my gums since I'm teething and all. I have a lot of toys and junk but there is just nothing better than my sister's shoes. They are bright and colorful and have a fascinating smell and all those different textures and I love to put them in my mouth. Mom freaks out, of course, which just makes it even better.

That mom, you know, she's all right. Kind of naggy, you know - "Put that down" or "Get that out of your mouth" or whatever, but that's OK. I like my dad, too - I don't get to see him enough, but he's a good guy. And that sister of mine - well, I just can't think of anyone else who I like better. She drives me nuts sometimes, but I figure once I can really get around I'll get back at her, you know, eat her toys, break stuff, stuff like that. I love my Auntie, but she doesn't let me get away with anything. But Uncle Joe? Man, I love that guy. He will let me eat or drink anything. Paw-Paw is all right, he's pretty cool. But Maw-Maw? I love that Maw-Maw of mine. She gives me whatever I want whenever I want and that makes her A-OK with me. Aunt Jenny - well, I like to cry for Aunt Jenny, but I ain't mad at her, that's just how I roll, and she gets that, so we're cool. I just wish she would stop calling me 'Chunk' and telling me to "do the truffle shuffle" - I'm not fat, I'm just really healthy. Cam is pretty cool, too, but he won't let me touch his stuff, and that makes me upset sometimes, but whatever. My Daddoo makes me laugh, and I'm pretty sure that Nannoo is crazy (because I've heard my mom say it) but that's OK, I find crazy to be entertaining. Yeah, all those people are pretty good folks.

I'm a pretty happy guy, most of the time. In the afternoons, usually after 3PM, I can get pretty upset for no real discernible reason, but I'm just keeping mom on her toes, you know. I'm doing alright. Six months and counting - I'll write again in another six months and I'll be up to all kinds of trouble - you can count on that.

-Bubba out. Dictated, not read.


Jennifer said...

It's okay Bubba, I don't like applesauce either. :) Happy half-birthday!

Aimee said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha! Love it!

Bubba and Bun can be pen-pals. They have so much in common :)