Saturday, August 02, 2008

Coffee, Lizards, and Back-To-School

I have had no coffee this morning. I was out of creamer and time this morning at home, so I decided to wait until I got to work to have coffee and-GASP!-there is no coffee here. I wanted to put my head down and weep, and then nap, but alas - I must work. Or blog. And then work. And there is a little bug on my keyboard and I just stabbed it with my pen. Icky.

We have a freaky see-through lizard infestation in our apartment, thanks to Brian's lackadaisical attitude towards dryer vent connection. And what I mean by that is he didn't clamp the dryer vent hose, so basically we have a big hole in the side of our apartment allowing who-knows-what to come right in. I have noted a decline in the number of spiders for no reason I could immediately discern (we had a pretty bad spider problem, too). Maybe the lizards are eating the spiders. But what will I have to get to eat the lizards? I shudder to think. I also shudder to think what else could have crawled into my apartment through that hole - it has literally been weeks since he worked on the dryer. I could not find terms vehement enough to explain to my husband how important it was that he fix this problem. Especially after finding a lizard in Bubba's toys. I guess it could be worse, and lizards aren't cockroaches, or poisonous snakes or spiders or mice or rats, but they are still freaky and see-through and they scurry around and I don't like them or want them hanging out in my house. Or, if they do hang out in my house, they need to stay out of my sight. And out of my reach with a broom.

Bella has started writing her book reports for her summer reading because school starts on August 11th (I know!). We have been reading all summer, but I wanted to wait until now to do the book reports so we couldn't lose them. She did her first one the other day, and after she finished she started copying the same information on the next sheet. I explained that she couldn't write about the same book ten times, she actually had to write about ten different books. She was seriously bummed. But she is getting excited about the first grade and I am excited about her going back to school. But not looking forward to all the dropping off and picking up - I dream of bus service, but I'm sure it would be ridiculously expensive. There are two families, each with one child in the same school as Bella, that live in our apartment complex and are already carpooling. I approached them about getting in on their carpool and they said no. They wouldn't give me a reason, they just said no. Hey, that's the christian spirit! But we have all our supplies, and Bella's name is on everything so we are ready to go. Hooray school!


Teresa said...

They just said no?! That's bizarre! And horrible! What jerks.

twithhoney said...

Am I reading this correctly? Bella is about to start 1st grade and she had summer reading assignments and book reports to do?

Wow. First grade has changed a lot since I was a kid.