Wednesday, June 11, 2008


In the car the other day Bella handed me a CD and asked me what it was. I looked at it and saw that it was my 'Best of Lynard Skynard' disc. She asked if it was good music, so I popped it into the CD player. The first track was 'Sweet Home Alabama' and I actually said, "Oh, you'll need to know this song". As though it is required knowledge for getting through life. Maybe it isn't, but it sure helps when you're listening to a bad cover band or in close proximity to a jukebox. Plus, we live so close to Alabama that it's almost an anthem. I have seen grown men tear up at the sound of this song. Granted, they were intoxicated grown men, but nonetheless: it's a good song to know. Nothing like some good old southern rock. I'm proud of my southern roots - my family has lived in the south, in the same area I live in now, literally for generations. My children are rich in culture, heritiage and tradition: my husband's father is Filipino, and his mother is Cajun. They are lucky, my children. They will eat collards, and gumbo, and sinigang. When my daughter speaks she uses the southern stand-by 'y'all' and 'yes ma'am'. She loves to imitate her great Paw-Paw's thick french-cajun accent, and her everyday language is sprinkled liberally with tagalog words: ate (aunt), kili-kili (armpit) and others. I am proud of their diverse heritage, and I hope they will be, too.

Bubba had his four month check-up yesterday. He weights in just under fifteen pounds, so he gained roughly five pounds in a two month period. The white spot on his gums is actually a tooth - I had thought it might be, but it seemed too soon and not in the center, but the doctor said it is a tooth. He is healthy and strong, running smack average on all his statistics - height, weight, all that. So he's a healthy kid. Hooray! She said he can have solids if he is ready, and to keep on with what we're doing and bring him back in a couple of months. Alright!

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Jennifer said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that your blog is now world-renowned! It's good to keep up with my extended family there in Pensacola!