Monday, December 31, 2007

No baby this week

That was what my doctor said this morning. No baby this week, but he thinks it will be in two or three weeks (I really have four weeks to go, to my 'official' due date. But, as he said, when you're dealing with nature, it's all just a guessing game. I am dilated two centimeters, but not effaced in the least, so something is happening, but not a whole lot. And that's fine - baby needs to stay in as long as he needs to stay in, I'm cool with that. For now. Ask me again next week. I have already had two sniveling fits about being big and miserable and ready to have this baby, and there's four weeks to go. That's all for now. Happy New Year to all. Hopefully midnight will find me asleep, that's my wish for the new year. Blessed, peaceful sleep. Best to all!

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