Saturday, June 16, 2007

Random Mind Droppings

The above title is slightly disgusting yet conveys the mindlessness of my blogging this morning. Very random, unimportant, trivial stuff. Maybe if I bullet point it I won't be so wordy? Let us see:

  • The Sopranos finale: I was/am an avid Sopranos fan, although I haven't seen past season 4. I did, however, manage to catch the last scene of the final episode online, and I think I liked it. Everything seemed fraught with meaning, or had the potential to have meaning. Even though I was watching online, and already knew what was going to happen thanks to all the spoilers, I was still anxious while I was watching it. I think David Chase is a smart guy. Not always the best screenwriter, but a smart guy. I think far too much is being made of it - what do people think they are going to do, force HBO to go back and shoot a more satisfactory ending? IT'S FREAKING TV, PEOPLE. If it's that upsetting, perhaps you should find a hobby.
  • Brian has been in town since last Saturday. OMG, we are used to each other in far smaller doses than this and are driving each other crazy. I have been taking advantage of his presence in order to go to bed earlier than usual, and I've been reading more. And speaking of reading:
  • Someone told me Jane Austen was their favorite author and highly recommended her books to me, when I offered up that I had never read her. The other day at the mall I found a hardcover collection - I believe four of her novels in one book - for $7.99. Bonus! I have muddled my way through Sense and Sensibility and am now in the thick of Pride and Prejudice. I like them. I find them a bit soap opera-ish, but that is neither here nor there. I am starting to think I have poor taste in books. I forced myself to finish an Ayn Rand book recently (the title of which escapes me at this moment) and hated every minute I was reading it. I have yet to finish The Great Gatsby - I got halfway through and have not been able to force myself back into it. I did manage to complete The Catcher in the Rye, but didn't enjoy it all that much. I was much overjoyed the other day to find A Wrinkle In Time at Wal-Mart for less than $5, which I quickly bought, took home, and read cover to cover in one night. I read that for English class in middle school and was in love with it. That and The Hobbit, I read both of those in middle school and was smitten with them.
  • Back to Brian - he recently had a phone interview with a manager at the Gulf Breeze store that he says went very well. And then promptly came here for vacation, where he won't be able to find anything out. Hopefully we will hear something soon. And then we can find a place to live and get settled, which we need to do. There are two jobs open - one of them is overnight, which he said he wouldn't mind doing for the experience. I am torn on the thought of him working overnights. Pro: He will be gone, all night. Con: He will be home, all day. And trying to sleep, in the thick of daytime activity. And grumping around the house at the slightest noise. When he's good and asleep, nothing wakes him. But in weird time between sleeping and waking, the slightest noise troubles him. And he will dramatically stomp to wherever the noise is coming from, and ask sarcastically about the necessity of the task producing said noise: "Do you really think that all that dusting is necessary? It's keeping me awake and I need my sleep". That literally happened once, when he was working overnights years and years ago. Maddening. BUT - if he gets his butt back here, I'll gladly deal with whatever for the sake of having my own home.
  • Jacelyn is going to be a NIGHTMARE next week. She usually goes through a rough patch, behaviorally, after Brian leaves from a day long visit. This go round, he has been here for a week, and has been with her the whole time. They have been staying up WAAAAAAAY too late, watching movies and playing video games. Tomorrow morning he goes home, and I'm going to have to tread lightly because 1.) she will be missing her daddy, and 2.) she is so far off her schedule that I feel guilty. It's bad. I've been going to bed early, but her and Brian have been staying up past midnight every night. And then waking up around 11am the next day. Trouble. It's going to be a long recovery period. But, I will be with her tomorrow, so that will be OK. She'll have Monday to do whatever, and then on Tuesday, she has a playdate. I'm just going to keep her busy, try and get her back on a schedule, and hope for the best.

That's about it. That's enough, isn't it? I need to get some work done. I need to call my dad and see what he's up to tomorrow and when I can get up with him to give him his father's day gift. Jacelyn picked it out for him. She is a firm believer in the power of pajamas, so that was her gift selection for fathers this year. She got her daddy pajama shorts and a matching shirt, and she picked out the same thing for her Daddoo. He got Larry the Cable Guy pajama shorts and a matching red t-shirt. And we threw a box of Brownies in, too, to sweeten the deal a bit.

Well, I'm out. Hope all is well for everyone!


Teresa said...

I actually rather love the title of the post. Of course, with a sick dog, my life has been rather consumed by the issue of poop lately. More on that on my blog though.

If he gets the Gulf Breeze job, where will yall live?

I love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

"The Fountainhead", the sum of mankind proven by idealist thought and a warped sense that those who seem to matter in fact do and the rest of humanity is worthless. I could only get passed the first two chapters before handing the book to a Vietnam vet living in the streets. The American idealism has and will leave in it's wake those who did matter, those who did sacrifice and those who are lost.

Nicole said...

I will guiltily admit...I don't like the classics. I know I know, I should be spit on by a literary critic but give me a Stephen King novel anyday!
Oh do I know what you mean about taking husbands in small doses. Karl spent a year in San Diego and when he got back it was a BIG adjustment. Not only that but he was on leave for a MONTH! Now he is in some marine field training thing and mostly only comes home on weekends. By Sunday night I am usually packing his gear for him! :p
Oh and why the heck does their absence make them saints in their daughter's eyes?! I'm fine during the week but when Daddy comes home I'm burnt toast. Last week I offered to color with her and she said she wanted Daddy to color with her, not me. As she went to get her coloring gear Karl and I joked about how I'm mud when he is home. "She'll come back with a coloring book where every page is already colored in and give it to me," I said. "Then she will sort out all the broken crayons for me to use and ask me if I could color in the other room so you can have more room." It would be funnier if it weren't the truth! :p