Friday, May 18, 2007


Yeah, I'm still tired.

Jacelyn had a fabulous field trip yesterday, to meet the Blue Angel pilots still in town, have her class picture taken with one of the planes, receive a signed certificate naming her an 'Honorary Naval Aviator', and have lunch at a 'gazoo' (to the rest of us, a gazebo). Her teacher aide told me what they did, and how much fun they had, and how fabulous it was. Then Jacelyn gets in the car, and I asked her, "How was it?" she answered: "Fun". "What did you do?" I asked her. "Nothing, I don't really remember". What? They got to sit in the planes and put on the helmets and talk to each other with the communicator thingies, something that I, as an almost thirty year old woman, would be excited to do, and you can't remember? The child is wicked, I'm telling you people. There's something not right about that girl. I'm going to check her for strange birthmarks when I get her home.

Big girl scout thing tonight, end of year celebration for all the troops in our cluster. It will be short for Jacelyn and I, since she's not bridging to Brownies. She will get recognized, get the rest of her patches (which I will then add to the stack of patches waiting to be sewn), and then we're out. Not trying to be rude, but it was made very clear that the cake is only for the girls moving up. Well, five year olds, or maybe just my five year old but I doubt it, don't appreciate the idea that there is cake and they cannot have some, so I plan on leaving before it becomes an issue. In my defense, leaving early was suggested by the troop leader. And I always listen to my troop leader.

I gotta be hoppin. Talk to you all later. Hope Jen is having a good, safe time in NO.

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