Saturday, October 14, 2006


Ok, here we go, the instructions:
The Rules of this tag game are:
1. Grab the book nearest to cheating!
2. Open to page 123.
3. Scroll down to the fifth sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on to your blog.

'We will write out the dominant seventh in C major and C minor, in its three positions, following each position by the appropriate position of the tonic chord, according to the foregoing directions for the leading of the parts or voices. Let the student write out the same Progressions in the remaining major and minor scales, in the spaces provided. Look out for the chromatically raised thirds in dominant chords of the minor scales.'

from Harmony Book for Beginners, Preston Ware Orem

I'm at work, what did you expect. I had this book nearby because I was thinking about reading it, but now I'm not so sure.

I tag Jen, TX Jen, Teresa and Mike.


Teresa said...

Okay, but the thing is, all of my books are in a row behind the computer. So the book nearest about I go with the tallest book? That seems random enough.

"And it does not have to happen in school. Christians are sometimes cowed into thinking, 'If the scholars can't agree, surely there's no hope for me.' But that is not true."
from The Pleasures of God, by John Piper

CLARK said...

"Calm down, Bunny." Quoyle lifted Sunshine into his lap, inspected the red mark on her forehead, kissed it, swayed back and forth. Across the room Bunny damned all three with killing eyes.

from "The Shipping News" Chapter 14
In Wyoming they name girls Skye. In Newfoudland it's Wavey