Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have been VIOLATED

Someone broke into my car last night. They didn't actually take anything, for which I'm very, very grateful, but they pilfered through my stuff, which makes me very, very mad.

I went out this morning to leave for work and my rear passenger door was open a few inches, which I found odd since Jacelyn had not been in the car since that morning. That door is funny - hard to close, doesn't lock all the way with the rest of the doors, which is why I dismissed it so easily at first - maybe I had opened it last night, it didn't close properly, and I didn't notice. So I open the front passenger door to sit my purse down, and lo and behold, everything is open. The glove box, the center console, even the ash tray. Both visors are down.

At this point I realize that someone has been in the car, and start to panic, because sitting in the front seat, thankfully still where I left it the night before, is my black bag. My black bag contains my life. There's all my church stuff -my bible and my RCIA books, some folders about Jacelyn's school, my organizer (with an envelope inside containing Jacelyn's social security card, birth certificate, and other important information), and a file of important paperwork from school, including a copy of the auto-draft form for tuition payments that has my name, address, social security number, drivers license number AND the routing and account number of my checking account. All of that was still there. I almost cried, I was so relieved.

Something funny: in order to open the ash tray, car-pilferer had to take two almost empty sodas out of my cupholder. Pilferer did so, but in a very nice way - he/she sat one soda on the driver floorboard, and the other in the center console. Nothing spilled, so it was a thoughtful pilferer, I suppose, something else to be grateful for.

Everything seems to be still there, including all my CD's, as far as I can tell. I have CD's shoved everywhere (there's probably 30 CDs in the car, easily) - the glove box is FULL of them, the little panels in the doors are full of them, they are piled on the passenger seat floorboard, and fill the CD wallet that attatches to my visor. All seemingly still there, although I haven't taken a thorough inventory yet. I was relieved, and then confused. Are my musical tastes so poor that whomever rifled through my belongings couldn't even find one thing they liked? My musical tastes do run the gamut, from classical to mariachi to jazz, big band and swing to some rap, some pop, some harder rock type stuff, some alternative type music, and some 'adult contemporary rock', whatever that means.

So I am very, very thankful that nothing was missing, but I am very, very confused about WHY someone did this. What was the point? I mean, I'm eternally grateful that nothing was stolen, don't get me wrong. But what was this person or persons looking for? I suppose I'll never know. But it made me SO MAD. I have no privacy in my life as it is, and my car is the only space I have that is MINE. There are other people in it from time to time, but that is MY SPACE. And someone, some stranger, invaded MY SPACE. Moved my stuff around. God help this person should I ever find out who it is. I didn't call the police - nothing was missing, why waste time? I'll just be more careful about that back door from now on.

And, probably as some ne'er-do-well was sifting through my personal belonging in my car, I was dealing with a very fussy, sick daughter. A little fever, and a congested nose. She woke up at 1am and didn't fall back asleep until close to 3:30. So I'm exhausted, and righteously indignant. Sigh. What a way to start off the weekend.

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Teresa said...

How very strange! You know, the same thing happened to Bethany's family's cars when I was visiting them. Just pilfered, nothing stolen. Bizarre.