Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grade Level Understanding

Jacelyn brought home a progress report yesterday. It was a little chart with a list of 12 or so curriculum points: math, handwriting, etc., and three choices for each: 'working toward understanding', 'grade level understanding', and something else that I can't remember how it was phrased, something about exceeding something or another. Anyway, it was the best choice. Jacelyn got this exceeding mark for all of her subjects EXCEPT.....religion. For religion she received the 'working at grade level' mark.

I was at work when she got out of school, and when Brian and his sister discovered this 'grade level understanding' mark, Brian called me, almost in a panic. "She's only working at grade level in religion!" and "We're going to have to work on this" (which actually means, "I'm going to a car show and then back to Panama City, so you better hop on this since I'm not actually going to help, and I'm not going to offer gratitude or encouragement, I'm just going to expect the best out of both of you and complain when it doesn't go well or the way I wanted it". Yikes, I'm bitter, sorry). I actually felt a little bad myself, until the voice of reason and sanity in the form of dear Michael Clark stepped in. He reminded me that she is only 4. And she is operating at grade level, not dismally below it, or worshipping Satan or anything. And that she is only 4. How much did you know about God and religion at 4? I was soothed. All in still, I do need to put more emphasis on religion around the house. We do go to church every Sunday. But I think we're going to add in prayers before meals, and I'm going to get some books at her age level about bible stories.

I'm not going to fret about this. Honestly, it's Pre-K. It's important as an educational foundation, yes, but it's not like an 'grade-level understanding' mark in Pre-K religion is going to affect her college choices. "I'm sorry, Miss Bernardo, we would love to have you attend Harvard, but you see, you got that pesky 'grade-level understanding' mark in religion back in Pre-K, and that unfortunately makes you ineligible". No, I don't think it's earth shattering.

Jacelyn did well in her first karate class yesterday. She looks adorable in her uniform. She was actually practicing yesterday, of her own volition, no less, and the child has a mean little hook and uppercut. My baby kicks ass. Don't mess with her. And don't mess with me, or else I'll sic her on you.


Jennifer said...

My mother always says that she threw the Church of Christ at both me and my sister and it didn't stick. (Mom is Baptist, Dad is C of C) Kris is Catholic and as for me, well, I don't know what I am but I know what I'm NOT. And like Clark said, she is only 4.

I have a close friend with a 4 year old daughter who is terrified of dying! She is scared that her mommy won't know what part of Heaven she's in and will never see her again. :( You are doing the right thing and just keep teaching her. She will be okay in the end.


Teresa said...

Your translation of Brian's words made me laugh hysterically. Bitter or not, it was darn funny. Miss you lots!