Friday, July 07, 2006

Bad at Being a Grown-Up

I recently discovered the other day that I don't have full coverage car insurance. I literally had no idea, I honestly thought that I did. Upon my discovery, I immediately starting berating myself. What kind of person doesn't know that? What responsible adult is not aware of the extent of their insurance coverage? In the throes of my self-hate, I was reading "Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving (thank you, Mary, for the recommendation), and came across this little pearl that I feel describes me very aptly: "I knew I would never grow up; I knew my childhood would never leave me, and I would never be quite adult enough - quite responsible enough - for the world." That's me, right there. Oh well. Instead of fighting it, I'll accept it. I'll try to be responsible for the big things, like car insurance and whatnot. But I'll gladly hold on to the other aspects of childlike existance: my love of theme parks and fair rides, my appreciation for cartoons, playing in sand, turning flips in the pool, my naivete. I could go on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say that I am still basically a kid, and while I'll try harder to be better at the important grown-up stuff, I'm not promising anything. So there - nyah nyah nyah.


Jennifer said...

Being a grown-up is over-rated! The whole "home ownershp" thing still gets me sometimes. Can't I just go back to being 19 and in school? (Oh, and once we paid off a car, the first thing to go was the full coverage insurance.)

Jenn G said...

I love reading John Irving novels (like Cider House Rules, World According to Garp...etc.)I have read 4 of them, but not that one...I do own it however so it's just a matter of time.

I have a strange question about that one...does anything bizarre happen to a male's anatomy in that book? I have noticed that he has "penis" references in ever book of his that I read so far. If there isn't .. and you think I am a weirdo for asking (LOL) read some of his others and you'll see what I mean.


Nicole said...

Reading your post reminded me that I am a week late in renewing my car registration. See, you're not the only one! I don't think being all grown up is very fun for anyone involved. I think you should hold on to the magic scraps of childishness as long as possible! How fun would it have been if our parents had acted more like kids every now and then?!