Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me

Teresa tagged me for this. Six weird things about me:

1.) I hate, and will avoid at all costs whenever possible, making left turns in traffic where there is no traffic light. If there is a light around, I will go blocks out of my way to turn there instead. I will do it, but I hate to. It doesn't make me cry, but it makes me terribly anxious for a bit.

2.) I cannot and will not sleep with an arm or a leg hanging off the bed. I also generally cannot sleep with my feet uncovered, although there are some exceptions. To me these scenarios make you ripe picking for the monster lurking under the bed. And I don't seriously think that there is a monster under the bed, so I suppose maybe these are lingering childhood habits. Or else there's something seriously wrong with me.

3.) If I have to get out of bed to turn the bedroom light off, I literally run and jump back into bed before said lurking monster (see number two, above) can grab my feet and pull me under. Again, a childhood holdover, I suppose, and quite annoying to Brian when I run and take a flying jump into the bed he's attempting to fall asleep in.

4.) I can't stand MySpace, and avoid it. I don't find this weird, but most of the people I know love it obsessively and find my dislike to be outright bizarre. There's no particular reason, it's just not for me.

5.) I always eat the outside edge of a hamburger or sandwich first, thereby getting crust or the non-meat, cheese and condiment filled part of a bun out of the way, leaving the savory inner part of said sandwich or hamburger for last. I highly recommend this, you should try it at least once, it's a great way to savor the flavor (oh, I'm a poet).

6.) I will eat shrimp, depending on the manner in which it is cooked, and I will go fishing, and catch fish, and take them off hooks and such, but I will not generally eat fish. And cleaning up after the cooking of fish is vile to me; I once stood at the kitchen sink, cleaning out a pan that Brian's father had baked some fish in, scrubbing and gagging. I don't know why, it just completely grossed me out.

Bonus: FedEx's new scanner has the smallest signature area I've ever seen, and after some weeks of trying to cram my signature into the tiny space provided, I have abondoned all attempts at an actual signature and started drawing random shapes. Just this morning, minutes ago, I drew a lovely pyramid. The other day I made a cheerful little star. That's not really weird, but it's not exactly normal, either, so I thought I would include it.

Weird is all in the eye of the beholder, I think. I'm proud to be weird, and enjoy it when people say I'm strange. You're strange, I'm strange, whatever. I enjoy the eccentric people in my company more, because they keep life interesting.

I am apparently supposed to 'tag' people, but I don't know anyone else, so I suppose the chain stops here. My bad.


Teresa said...

My favorite part by far was the bit about the FedEx signature.

And BTW, I think it's an ironic twist of fate that it is YOU afraid of monsters under the bed when it is ME you traumatized by telling me that you had a friend that lived in the toilet who would eat/attack/seriously injure me if I flushed it at night. AND that if he couldn't get me, the boy in the painting in the kitchen would. Bad, bad sister.

I love reading your blog. Post more often! It makes me feel like I'm with you, which is nice.

Guess what! I'm coming to visit in roughly two months! After being gone almost two years, two months feels like about 3 weeks to me. The tenative dates (specifics depending on my job) are the last week of August and first week of September. MAKE TIME FOR ME...start now. Dooooooooo it. (said in a creepy hypnotic voice)

Jenn G said...

Your weird things are funny. I have two of them in common with you although I only listed the one about fish, I also had a monster (swear he's still there) under the bed. I also HATE getting out of the bed to go potty at night and jump from it. That damn boogyman is still there I swear. Teresa's comment makes if sunny too, because as a child, I flat refused to use any toilets with colored water (typcially blue) because I was convinced that a little man would come out of it and grab me and pull me down with the flush.

It's all really funny and far too familiar :)


nicole said...

I can't sleep with anything hanging off the bed either. I know there isn't anything there but its like tempting fate or something.