Monday, May 13, 2013

You should check this out

I would love for you to go to Hyperbole and a Half and read her second post on depression (the first one is amazing, as well). If you've never experienced depression (lucky you!), it nails it. If you have experienced depression, you'll be all "OMG YEEEEEEEEES. SHE GETS IT. THIS WOMAN IS MY SOUL SISTER AND WE NEEDS TO BE BFFs". Also, when I was reading the second post, I cried when I saw this illustration:

Been here, my friends. Been here and have the sweatshirt to prove it.
I own that sweatshirt, I wore it all winter, and it smelled bad and was stained and I would wallow in it and be all "this sweatshirt is like my life. Old, stained and smelly and worthless." So go now, read the posts. Experience feelings.

Her entire site is amazing, so browse and laugh.

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