Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GIF Party: IT'S FINALLY OVER edition

It's a GIF party: feelings edition, in which I am going to try and express my emotions about my recent situation using only (mostly) Community GIFs, like so: catch up. Custody battle is finally over. It felt like it took forever. It also felt as though I was going totally bonkers. There were many days prior to the completion where I felt like this:

Close to the end of 5 hours of mediation, I felt much like this (not from Community, but PERFECTLY expresses how I was feeling):

Although we were in a first floor conference room, so it might not have been very effective, but it would have gotten me the hell out of there.

However, we successfully mediated our issues and they have been resolved!

Sometimes I feel sad, because I miss my kids TONS when they're gone:

But then I realized I need to...CHANG... point of view.

Not a GIF, so exempt from the Community-mostly rule of this post. Self-congratulatory for my use of Chang, above. 
But a lot of days, I feel like this:

A content and complacent happy, that I sometimes feel the need to exaggerate for the sake of others.

Also, just because I like it, here is Ron Swanson dancing:

This makes me happy. 

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Teresa said...

Love it! I didn't read this before because I was on my phone. But I love it. You're so amazing.