Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Despite all my rage: a GIF party in honor of my inappropriate overreactions to frustrating situations that really aren't that big of a deal

I've been dealing with a lot of crazy emotions lately, due to the whole divorce thing. Sometimes I'm sad, sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I behave like a petulant toddler. I am generally fortunate enough to catch myself being irrational. Sometimes before it happens, but most often when I'm in the throes of some ridiculous rant, or am glaring at the back of a poor, innocent co-worker who is retreating from my desk after either being pointedly ignored OR threatened with bodily harm.

In some ways it's like being pregnant, or constantly having PMS. I take everything SO personally. I was getting ready to leave work the other when my co-worker decided to walk across the street to the post office to drop off some mail. He even took some mail that I had waiting to go out, which, had he not walked it over to the post office, would not have gone out until the next day. This was, in reality, a kind and decent gesture, but to my crazed mind? It was intentional. Intentionally done, to thwart my leaving in a timely manner. EVERYTHING EVERYONE DOES IS ABOUT ME IN SOME WAY, did you not know? I was standing at the glass door, watching his progress as he crossed the street to the mailboxes. "WHY did he go NOW? HE KNEW I had to leave. IT'S LIKE HE DOES THIS ON PURPOSE!" I fumed to myself, even stomping my foot for emphasis once. I was delayed for roughly two minutes by someone who was basically doing me a favor, and I was livid. Ridiculous.

Office supplies also infuriate me.

Other things that have driven me to inappropriate (whatever the word for over the top, not in line with circumstances) rage recently:

Captchas - Oh, these make me angry. I generally find them to be an inconvenience, but I understand their function and therefore am willing to put up with them. However, recently, I have been on the receiving end of some ridiculous captchas. The letters are so squished together and malformed that it just looks like this: "IIIIIIII". I was at my work computer and trying to take care of some personal business online. My boss was working near my desk, so I was hastily trying to wrap up what I was doing but encountered a illegible captcha mine field. I couldn't take the audible hints, because my boss was within earshot, so I just kept having to ask for new captchas, and by the time I finally got one I could make out, I was all like:

My printer at work (I can't even get into it, I'll just have to say it with Disney animation) -

But there are things that make me happy. This is one of them, because 1) I love Ron Swanson, and 2) this episode makes Bella laugh SO HARD that she makes me laugh at her laughing:

And also this one from Parks & Rec, because it makes me laugh every time (he's saying "STOP. POOPING."):

But, sadly, much of the time I am more like this:

But that's ok, because it's a process, right? Right.

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