Saturday, April 04, 2009

Trouble, with a capital 'T'

Tonight I was cleaning up once the kids were in bed, and I was so amused by the mess Bubba left behind that I had to document it. The picture below was taken earlier this week, but I think that smile says it all:

I must disclaimer: my floor is messy from Bubba and the random little things he picks up and then drops. I promise we aren't living in squalor over here, despite how it might appear.

Little known fact: like a good white wine, some toys are better if chilled slightly - the bottom shelf of the fridge is the perfect place.

Shoes can double as storage! Who knew!

Hate the nasal aspirator? Then sneak it out of the diaper bag when mom isn't looking and hide it under the sofa cushions! (I was looking for the cordless phone when I encountered these)

Is it a golf club or a toilet tissue holder? It's both!

I can honestly say that is rarely a dull moment with Bubba around. Every day is an adventure.


Laura said...

These pictures are so cute.

TL. said...

HAHAHA it's so funny!
I love the toys in the fridge! well I'm not sure I would enjoy the surprise, but this kids is smart, congrats!

Anonymous said...

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