Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Quick Update

I have been absent from the internet since the birth of my little all three people who read this blog, I apologize. Little Guy joined us at 10:50AM on February 4th. I was having contractions Sunday (the 3rd) but not regularly enough to warrant anything. I went into the hospital at midnight for the induction. They put some pill on my cervix and I immediately started having more regular and intense contractions, and Brian promptly fell asleep.

Around 3am the nurse noticed that if I laid in any position other than on my left side, the baby's heartbeat weakened considerably. So I laid on my left side, and I was in agony. The contractions were very different from my labor with Jacelyn. I had them more often but they didn't last as long, and they didn't hurt as bad. They gave me a bag of IV fluids and made me wear an oxygen mask, which freaked me out. The baby's heartbeat was fluctuating, and my blood pressure was low.

I got my epidural around5am, and there were a couple of panicky moments throughout the morning, but after 10 minutes and about 8 pushes, Manning was born with his umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck. There's obviously a lot more to be said about that, but those are the basics. We're both doing well, and I'll blog again when I can. Congrats to Aimee and her little guy - you've both been in my prayers!


a thorn in the pew said...

So sorry I haven't checked back. I wondered how things went. Congrats and GOd bless!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a good labor, well other than the agony part, yikes, makes me tightly cross my legs. :) Good job Val! How does it feel to be a mom to more than one? My ovaries still don't like Karl...can't say as I blame them. ;) He is going to Iraq for 7 months this summer so maybe while he is away I can lose some weight (that always kick starts ovulation for me). I'd love to experience matching pregnancies with you again... You're up for getting pregnant all over again next spring, right? :) hehehe I am dying for a picture of the new little man, and one of Jacelyn too! I haven't seen a pic of her since she was 1! I was looking through the photo album you made for us when we moved away the other day, made me miss you guys even more! Maybe while "His Highness" is away I can come down for a visit??